We help you keep your plant
running safely and smoothly.

SHINKAWA Electric is a specialist in vibration monitoring.

Our products help you ensure the productivity, reliability,
and quality of plant operations.

We have been winning over customers since 1927 with condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery that can be found in plants around the world. We are a “total engineering” business. That means we help with all facets of an engineering project from design and development to project execution to training personnel once our products are online. We are flexible when it comes to the distinctive needs of plants, facilities, and equipment in diverse fields, and also to the needs of our customers. Our products help them to improve productivity and efficiency, and keep operations stable.

Responsive to global trends and customer needs

We maintain about 50 bases of operation around the world. They are divided among overseas group corporations and our network of agents, all united by the reliability that SHINKAWA inspires. Through them, we can always work closely with you in our ongoing effort to satisfy the needs of our customers everywhere.

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Support for training ISO18436-2 compliant
vibration analysts

The technicians who monitor and diagnose plant conditions need to know more than just vibration monitoring. They must have wide-ranging skills and excellent powers of judgment.
Our company is a certified training institution offering training programs that cover all aspects of the ISO18436-2 standard from Category I to Category IV. We can help your company to train your vibration analysts in many forms, including individual corporate training programs and seminars.

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