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SHINKAWA's Strengths

Offering integral production support since our establishment
SHINKAWA Electric Co., Ltd. is a total engineering company that has supported customer's production activities with our integral structure, which consists of sales of the right products, consultation and maintenance, in the areas of measurement, control and information technology, that are indispensable in the production fields of oil, chemical, iron and steel, ever since our establishment in 1927.
With a wholly owned subsidiary, SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, Inc. which studies for, develops, manufactures our private brand products, we continue to provide solutions with our proprietary technology for the new era to satisfy diverse demands from industries, which includes globalization, intelligent products, etc.
Globally recognized technical capability
SHINKAWA Electric Co., Ltd./SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, Inc. has established a quality management system based on the international standard ISO9001, developed and manufactured quality products. We also provide analysis techniques that are required by machinery vibration analysts according to ISO 18436-2, functions required for machine protection system by American Petroleum Institute (API) 670 Standard in our products. Through our proprietary technology and know-how, new technology, we offer the best suited system to our customers.
We have sent our experienced engineers with exceptional expertise to plant construction sites as supervisors, accumulating the experiences. What we gained through these experiences have been fully harnessed in solutions we provide to customers around the globe.
Total customer support
SHINKAWA Electric Co., Ltd. provides total solution, unifying engineering technology and customer support. Especially, our customer support covers a wide range, from startup, periodic maintenance, daily maintenance, instrumentation through electrical work.
In order for our customers to further benefit from SHINKAWA products, we assist our customers with operator training and also in getting certified as Machinery Condition Analyst (Vibration) in accordance with ISO18436-2.

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