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Velocity Pickup
Sensor which generates an output (generally, electrical output) proportional to the input speed.
Velocity Transducer
Measures velocity in millimeter per second. Usually IEPE (Integrated electronics Piezoelectric) type or moving coil type.
Vibration Proof
Synonym for resistance against vibration.
Vibration Vector
Vibration signal expressed with a phase angle with respect to the reference (e.g. keyway) on a rotor and also with vibration amplitude.
Measuring instrument capable of indicating the size of vibration expressed by the peak value, rms value, etc. on the scale.

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Waterproof Construction
Construction of equipment or system installed outdoors without a cover which protects it from the effects of wind and rain.
There are the following types of water-proofing:
Water-proof types: Drip-proof, Rain-proof, Splash-proof, Water injection-proof, Water-proof, Water immersion-proof, Water dipping-proof and Humidity-proof.
Note: For the definition of each water-proof term, see JIS C0920.
Wave Length
Distance a wave travels in one cycle.
Turning motion of the shaft center line.
Withstand Voltage (Electric Strength)
Voltage which the insulation of electrical equipment can withstand over a fixed period.
Example: 1 minute at a withstand voltage of 1000VAC (between each power terminal and the grounding terminal)

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Zero Adjustment
Synonym for zero-point adjustment.
Zero-point Adjustment
To adjust the zero point of the equipment to a specified value or position by an electrical or mechanical operation.
Zero Shift
Parallel changes of input/output characteristic curves.

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Terms for measurement:
JIS Z8103
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Japan Electrical Measuring Instrument
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Japan Electrical Measuring Instrument
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