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We provide solutions and systems perfectly suited to your plant’s line of work, as well as to the facilities and equipment that you have installed. We help customers make appropriate judgments about plant and equipment investment, equipment management costs, and risk management.

Power Generation

We have improved productivity and stabilized power-generating equipment of every kind. We have handled everything from coal- and oil-based thermal power plants to hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and nuclear power plants.

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Oil & Gas Plant

We help businesses in the oil and gas industries maintain the stability in every aspect of their operations. Our vibration monitoring systems have been installed everywhere from extraction and conveyance (e.g., pipelines) systems to refineries. These systems can even satisfy your needs for explosion-proof.

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Aerospace, Automobile,
Railway Businesses

Our sensor technology has applications in a broad range of areas including rocketry and other cutting-edge fields, as well as automobiles, railways, the machine industry, and construction.

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