Oil & Gas Plant

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Oil and gas plants have diverse needs when it comes to the operation of their equipment. Plant operators want to improve efficiency and productivity, avoid downtime, and keep their workers safe. We help to keep their plants operating safely with vibration monitoring equipment installed at the compressors and turbines for driving compressors. We also help them to set up explosion-proof areas. The wireless and remote monitoring systems we provide are compliant with the ISA 100 Wireless Standard and other communication standards. They are particularly well-suited for use at plants with huge grounds that require monitoring. Meanwhile, our compact, lightweight, and easily carried portable vibration analysis systems can be used for facilities and equipment that do not have such systems in place. These systems can collect data during start-up and shutdown, and can also detect when abnormal vibrations occur. Anomalies can be analyzed with these systems, and thus our customers can efficiently prevent deadly accidents at their rotating machinery.

  • Offshore Plants

    Our equipment helps maintain stability and improves productivity at offshore plants by monitoring vibrations in the turbines for electricity self-generation and main oil pump that handle digging, pumping, storing, and shipping operations, and the gas compressors.

  • Shoreline Plants

    Our equipment effectively minimizes downtime and reduces HSE risks in harsh environments by monitoring vibrations in compressors associated with pumping, storage, and shipping operations and on muddy water circulation pumps.

  • Pipelines

    Our customers avoid downtime and easily keep an eye on their facilities 24/7 through remote monitoring of pipelines that are enormously long and cover a broad area and through vibration monitoring at storing and pumping facilities that use booster pumps.

  • LNG Plants

    Our vibration monitoring systems help to maintain the stable operation of booster pumps used for loading and shipping. That allows them to provide reliable production under conditions where the volumes of production vary wildly all the time.

Products Suited for Installation at Oil and Gas Plants