Power Generation

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We have been a “total engineering” business ever since our founding in 1927. That means we do more than just offer measuring, control, and information instruments and devices. We also provide consulting, maintenance, and personnel training services. As such, we have helped many power-generation plants around the world to keep their operations stable, improve productivity, and avoid downtime.
Furthermore, we also advise our customers about solutions and provide support services based on a thoroughgoing understanding of what makes power-generating equipment unique in such diverse fields as thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear power. We have also been proactive in our efforts to develop new products for the field of renewable energy including wind, geothermal, and wave power. This is an area in which demand has been rising due to concerns over global warming and energy problems.
Power generation products are not one-size-fits-all goods suited for any and all operating environments and specifications. We provide solutions that are optimized to address issues specific to every one of our customers.

  • Thermal Power Generation

    Thermal power customers who rely on our equipment can anticipate getting a complete vibration monitoring system that covers their entire plant. We offer flexible solutions optimized to your situation, whether you are building a new power plant, updating an existing facility, or need to increase monitoring of the conditions of aging equipment.

  • Hydroelectric Power

    In the hydroelectric power field, the systems and solutions we offer make the most of its possibilities as a source of renewable energy. Our products are suited to everything from power plant operations and maintenance to improving administrative task efficiency, optimizing facilities, and addressing environmental management strategies.

  • Geothermal Power Generation

    Interest in and demand for renewable energy is on the rise. We help our customers working in the field to supply clean energy and maintain stability of their operations with vibration monitoring systems adapted to the unique environment and installation requirements of geothermal power generation.

  • Wind Power Generation

    Wind power is being adopted around the world as a way to get safe energy without releasing carbon dioxide. In this field, too, we have been helping customers to establish and operate facilities with vibration monitoring systems that are adapted to local conditions, such as for power generating equipment being installed on high ground.

  • Nuclear Power Generation

    Our condition monitoring systems are utilized at nuclear power plants to monitor the condition of critical machines such as steam turbine generators and reactor internal pumps or PLR pumps. We help our customers to ensure that their plants are safe and reliable.

Products Suited for Installation at Power Plants