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Analysis & Diagnostic Systems

On-line analysis/diagnostic systems for rotating machinery are becoming more popular. We provide flexible, expandable systems based on our accumulated expertise as a leading monitoring system manufacturer.

infiSYS RV-200
[Vibration Analysis & Diagnostic System]
infiSYS RV-200 is a machinery condition monitoring, analyzing, diagnosing system which accurately acknowledges and feeds back the condition of rotating machinery that plays a key role in production plants.

[Portable Vibration Analysis System]
Accurately acquires conditions of rotating machinery in a plant and quickly feeds back to the operator. Because it is transportable, it will make acquisition of transient data during startup/shutdown and also data in abnormal condition much easier.

VM-13V1 Series
[Vector Monitor for Vibration Analysis]
An multifunctional analysis support monitor that provides data required for diagnostics of dynamic characteristics, balancing of rotating machinery, etc with high accuracy.

MF-1220 Series
[Multi Channel Vector Monitor]
Provides data required for vibration vector analysis of rotating machinery, such as a large turbine. X and Y of vibration vector and overall amplitude are output continuously and real time.

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