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Eddy-current Displacement Sensors

Eddy-current Noncontact Displacement/Vibration Sensor  VC Series

Product Overview

High performance displacement sensor with exceptional stability

Achieving exceptional reliability and stability with our proprietary eddy-current method, VC Series have been favored by many of our customers. Provides important data with high accuracy in diverse applications, including production equipment monitoring, production quality control, research institute, etc.


· Reliable, superior temperature characteristics
Provides stable measurement in a severe condition where the temperature wildly changes through time . The sensor probe, the area that is placed in the most severe condition, is carefully designed with finely selected materials and crafted with our stringent quality control system so that the temperature coefficient becomes below ±0.015% of F.S./℃ (typical).
Also the sensor has a temperature compensation circuit on the demodulation circuit to suppress the temperature coefficient below ±0.05% of F.S./℃.
· Internal circuits that ensures high stability
For fine, stable measurement, demodulation accuracy of the bridge circuit inside the sensor is indispensable. VC Series uses a crystal demodulator to stabilize the frequency, and takes the output voltage signals back in to the AGC circuit for amplitude control.
· Fine resolution linear outputs
Outputs finely calibrated linear signals proportional to the detected distance . The output signal is 0 to 5 VDC with displacement and vibration contents, making it applicable to a wide range of applications from static displacement measurement to high-speed vibration measurement.
· A broad range of lineup to meet the needs
Nine range types from 0 - 500μm to 0 - 25mm are available for different applications. (0 - 500μm is not available for the fine model.) The sensor lineup consists of standard and fine, water resistant (standard) models for various application use.

System Configuration


Offering a wide range of applications in a diverse industries.

Eddy-current Noncontact Displacement/Vibration Sensor VC Series can measure from static displacement to high-speed phenomenon, which makes it applicable to a wide range of applications, including measurement of displacement, thickness, form, vibration and eccentricity.

  • Vibration, displacement, rotational speed of rotating object

  • Pipe diameter/circularity measurement

  • Thickness measurement and control by roll gap measurement

  • Steel sheet thickness measurement, deflection measurement, width measurement and positioning

  • Press machine balance measurement, pressure control, product thickness control

  • Roll gap measurement

  • Size classification, dimension measurement

  • Displacement measurement of silicone wafer machining blade

  • Wrapping machine thickness measurement

  • Detection of bottom dead center of press machine

Sensor Lineup

VS Special Sensors that are evolving to the sixth sense

VS sensors for the Eddy-current Noncontact Displacement/Vibration Sensor VC Series have exceptional high performance that survives in a variety of environments.

· Standard model
· Submersible sensor
Water resistant structure from the cable seal forward for measuring a target under water.
· Resin sensor tip
The material that is the least to damage the machine when the sensor tip is damaged.
· Screw-less sensor tip
Can be fixed by a stud bolt or attaching with magnet, etc
· Lateral cable connection type
Cable is connected at the lateral side of the sensor case. Perfect for the narrow installation space.
· L-shape special stay
Special structure with a mounting stay.

Product Catalog

  • Dual-Channel Digital displacement sensor (Non-contact Eddy Current Type)
    Dual-Channel Digital
    Displacement Converter (Sensor)


Series Model Name Specification Sheet
VC Series VCD-020A Dual Channel Digital Displacement Converter (Sensor) Download (PDF)

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