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Eddy-current Displacement Sensors

Touch-roll type Thickness Measurement System VND Series

Product Overview

High accuracy digital thickness measurement system with high stability and reliability

The VND converter, in combination with an eddy current type displacement sensor and the touch-roll attachment, provides a system that measures the thickness of the non-conductive sheets with high accuracy. Use of eddy current method makes the system superior to any other measurement systems based on optical, ultrasonic or radiological principles because it can provide highly accurate measurements of thickness of polymer films and rubber sheets continuously without being affected by ambient atmosphere with water, oil or dust etc.


· Easy adjustment by (SET) button
When in the field, simply provide a mock thickness with a spacer of regulated pitches (10% or 20%), and press (SET) button to adjust characteristics.
· Digital display on the converter for thickness measurement check
No testers are required in the field to measure converter’s output voltage.
· Smooth zero-shift function (Approx. ±20 % o f F.S.)
Smooth zero-shift adjustment made possible with the up/down (▲) (▼) keys on the converter surface. Zero-shift function doesn't affect sensitivity and linearity (accuracy) of the measurement.
· Highly accurate thickness measurement
The use of 6-point adjustment (20% pitches) or 11-point adjustment (10% pitches) to match with the actual target (rollers) has achieved the linearity of within ±0.5 % of F.S. (with the field adjustments, linearity as much as ±0.2% of F.S. (typical value) is also possible.)
· High stability
Superior temperature characteristics provide stable measurements. Run-out effects from target (rotor) are kept low just as that of our conventional VN series models.
· Compact
Downsized by half from the conventional VN converter


  • For thickness measurement of non-conductive sheets
  • For thickness measurement of steel plate
  • For thickness measurement and positioning of metals
  • For thickness measurement of paint coating and films
  • For thickness control of paint coating
  • For thickness measurement and control by roll gap measurement

System Configuration


Product Catalog

  • タッチロール式厚さ計 VNDシリーズ
    Touch-roll type Thickness Measurement System


Series Model Name Specification Sheet
VND Series VND VND 1mm Range Download (PDF)

VND VND 2mm Range Download (PDF)

VND VND 5mm Range Download (PDF)

VND VND 10mm Range Download (PDF)

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