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To be a qualified vibration analyst in accordance with the ISO 18436‐2 standard has been aimed the vibration analysts around the world who support the sophisticated technologies and high levels of quality needed to ensure stable plant operation. We are the only qualified training body in Japan that offers seminars covering category I through category IV of the certification of vibration analysts of condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines compliant with ISO18436-2. These seminars have been taken palace in Japan since 2004, and also we offered the same in English (covering through category II) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read on for a summary of the program.

What ISO18436-2 Brings: Well Educated Skills and Services with the Japan Quality

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) in fiscal 2004 created this Japanese certification system in accordance with ISO 18436-2 as a means for standardizing the level of machine condition-monitoring and diagnostic skills throughout Japanese industry.

The system comprises seminars, hands-on training, and a final course examination, followed by a certification exam to qualify the participant as a vibration analyst.
The acquisition of qualified certificate by JSME requires the evidence of the education, training and actual experience that certifies the knowledge of the principals and procedures regarding the machine condition monitoring and diagnostics using vibration measurements.
SHINKAWA Sensor Technology Inc. is a certified training body that meets the requirements for holding the qualification examination.
The company was formally accepted as a training body by having started this qualification system.
The accumulated training know-how experienced recently more than 12 years for Japanese engineers has been brought into Malaysia.
Furthermore, SHINKAWA Sensor Technology Inc. is the only one company who can provide whole the seminar from category I to IV in Japan. (Currently I &II is ready to be held in Malaysia)

Features and Benefits of SHINKAWA seminar

Excellent lecturers from HICoE

The Institute of Noise and Vibration, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia which has been awarded in 2015 and recognized as a Higher Institution Center of Excellence (HICoE). The lecturers are with HICoE and will give the excellent training.

Sophisticated Worldwide Qualification through JSME

The certification will be implemented for the engineers who pass the qualification exam held by JSME1) , Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. That makes the seminar more practical and sophisticated reflecting all their experiences of the machine condition monitoring.

Comprehensible Seminar from the point of view of a Dedicated Manufacturer

Our company is one of the leading companies of vibration monitoring systems including machine-condition monitoring software that complies with the ISO and API standards. We offer comprehensive, practical and fruitful seminars for mechanical engineers, using our long experience from the point of view of a dedicated manufacture of vibration measuring and turbine supervisory instruments.

1)JSME was founded in 1897 to "advance science and technology, and thereby contribute to the development of industries." Today, its membership exceeds 37,000, making it the nation's leading engineering society. This is not a private company but an associated company which the Japanese companies such as Toyota, Toshiba, MHI, IHI, Hitachi, KOBE, Toyo, and so on including many universities had composed. JSME had chosen the vibration experts from each company as a task force in order to execute the certification in accordance with the ISO standard, 18436‐2.

In addition to above features the followings are the benefit that the candidates can receive and no other training body will provide.

  • Support the procedure of the preparation related to the registration of the qualification exam to acquire the certificate from JSME

  • Fulfill exercise prepared

  • The qualification exam by JSME complying with ISO18436-2 is done at the same place as a part of the training
    on the following day of the seminar.

    Flow of the seminar: qualification exam by JSME is included on the last day of the seminar.

  • Even if failing the examination without any expectations, the following supports are provided.

*Exempt the same category training fee once paid. Candidates can try the exam up to 2 times
*However the fee for meals, lodging and travelling fee shall be paid.

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the program and applications to participate.

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