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CMS(Condition Monitoring System)
CMS Overview

Rotating machinery that serves as the heart of plant equipments. The vibrations on these contain various important information.
As a sensor manufacturer, SHINKAWA has always studied for and been there to protect rotating machinery. Using the proprietary program based on our expertise, we provide a system to analyze/diagnose the valuable data.
Not only with the alarms in fault conditions, we support our customers with optimum scheduling of repair and maintenance by offering early detection of fault or abnormal condition, assumption of the cause or the area of the failure.
SHINKAWA's CMS helps our customers make right decisions on the equipment investment to manage cost and risks. The results will be improved operation efficiency with safe and stable operation.

Vibration Analysis & Diagnostic Service on Rotating Machinery

An outsourcing service that our rotating machinery condition analysis/diagnostic specialists install sensors, conduct periodic measurement, and submit vibration analysis/diagnostic report on behalf of our customers.
This service is currently available only in Japan.

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