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In Japan

Private power generation facility of a cement manufacturer

On a steam turbine in a private power generation facility of a Japanese cement manufacturer, supplied by a Japanese turbine manufacture (company A), which has been operated for about 15 years since its installation, the shaft vibration became large every one hour. We were asked by the company A to perform vibration data acquisition using Kenjin. SHINKAWA vibration analysts visited the site, conducted acquisition of vibration analysis data, and provided analysis report.

Other stories

Vibration analysis/diagnostics service in the course of our customer’s quick recovery of their private generator set
In the recovery work of our customer’s private power generation system, which was severely damaged by Japan’s 2011 earthquake, SHINKAWA provided a vibration analysis/diagnostics service for startup of the equipment. In February 2012, at the startup we analyzed the vibration, confirmed that the generator was started safely and successfully, and handed in the report.
Vibration analysis/diagnostics service for a steam turbine power generator in a paper manufacturing company
At startup of steam turbine power generating equipment in a power plant (boiler/power generating facility) of a paper manufacturing company, we performed inspection and vibration analysis/diagnostics services for their turbine monitoring equipment. The collected data were analyzed and the report was presented.
Vibration monitoring system introduced in a fertilizer plant of an Indian fertilizer manufacturer
In a fertilizer plant, equipment such as ammonium compressors, synthesis gas compressors, etc., are operated continually in a harsh environment with a corrosive gas, and so machine failures occur very often. To avoid unexpected shutdowns and the consecutive loss of operation process, vibration monitoring system was introduced.
Eddy-current displacement sensor VC Series introduced to a machine manufacturer for their wrapping machine’s displacement measurement
In the development phase of a wrapping machine with better machining accuracy, the VC series, which has superior temperature characteristics, was employed. The customer achieved a higher machining accuracy, and the product received a favorable recognition.
Condition monitoring system introduced in a Chinese power plant for its steam generators
In a coal-fired power plant (1,200,000 KW) with two steam turbines, we provided turbine supervisory instruments and a vibration analysis system to each turbine.

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