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Case Studies

In Japan

Private power generation facility of a cement manufacturer

On a steam turbine in a private power generation facility of a Japanese cement manufacturer, supplied by a Japanese turbine manufacture (company A), which has been operated for about 15 years since its installation, the shaft vibration became large every one hour. We were asked by the company A to perform vibration data acquisition using Kenjin. SHINKAWA vibration analysts visited the site, conducted acquisition of vibration analysis data, and provided analysis report.
  • A private coal fired power generator in a cement manufacture plant
  • 17,500kW Steam turbine/generator
Installed system/provided service

Vibration analysis data acquisition service with Kenjin.

Buffered output signals from the existing VM-3E vibration monitor were provided to the Kenjin data acquisition unit KJ-2000.

Background of introduction

The steam turbines in the power generator-equipped garbage disposal facility and private power generation facility delivered by the turbine manufacturer A had vibration monitoring system but without vibration analysis system. The company A was thinking of offering vibration analysis and diagnostics service as a customer service, and collaboration with SHINKAWA using Kenjin as an option.

Result/Advantageous Effect

Based on the analysis data acquired that day, the phenomenon was diagnosed as carbonized rubbing. As a solution, the turbine manufacturer suggested to the end user cleaning with air blow and change of the operation conditions.

Analysis Data

The trend data showed that the overall (OA) amplitude of the shaft vibration changed about every one hour, that the rotation synchronous (1X) was the main component and that it also changed in similar frequency. Also on the polar plot, the vector of 1X vibration circulates in almost one hour cycle. Both were phenomenon typical of rubbing.

  • Trend plot

  • Polar plot
Later at the Customer's ..

The turbine manufacturer A was satisfied with/approved the effectiveness and usefulness of the vibration analysis data. Later they started, in alliance with us, offering vibration analysis services to other plants. The facility only had one shaft vibration sensor (one direction) per bearing, and thus we could not perform analysis of orbit, shaft centerline and full spectrum; however, when they replaced the monitoring system, from VM-3 to VM-5 the following year, they added sensors so that there are two sensors (X-Y installation) per bearing and that Kenjin can be used to its full potential.


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