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CMS Overview

Failure prevention system CMS

As much as 40% of plant equipment problems result from vibration on rotating equipment.

SHINKAWA's CMS detects failure symptoms at early stages with monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing vibration from rotating machinery. Prevent failures/accidents contributes to plant’s efficient, continuous safe operations.



CMS helps to realize safe operation by accurately analyze/diagnose the vibration on rotating machinery.

· Reduce downtime with early detection
Failure indicators are based on changes in vibration levels and characteristics. Knowing what is going on, allows for proactive maintenance where downtime can be scheduled minimizing impact to production and profits.
· Optimize production schedule
Production efficiency drives the profitability of a plant. Maintenance of the equipment optimizes time and costs resulting in managing profit risk.
· Reliable and efficient maintenance
Proper sensor technology with necessary sophistication and precision provide the raw data for accurate analysis and diagnostics. This data allows for intelligent, timely and cost effective maintenance decisions by plant personnel.
· Reduce total maintenance costs by moving from TBM to CBM
TBM is an excellent approach to servicing equipment; however, it is not the most cost efficient. Utilizing CBM is a proactive way to reduce costs, became more efficient, and have better knowledge of the equipment health.

TBM : Time Based Maintenance
CBM : Condition Based Maintenance

· Allow empirical maintenance knowledge to be passed on
Maintenance professionals have "know-how" or empirical knowledge which is difficult to pass on. Having real life data with analysis helps create the “know-how” so any level of experience can benefit from the data. It is a scientific approach and reduces learning curves.

Capture, analyze, diagnose

Sensor data is continuously collected for analysis and diagnosis on the equipment. SHINKAWA's original software is based on our expertise in sensor technology and vibration experience. Our customers know this and rely on our high quality products.

Capture, analysis, diagnose

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