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Analysis & Diagnostic System

Swiftly assume the cause of the abnormity based on analysis of the vibration data.

SHINKAWA's CMS stores not only vibration values but also vibration waveforms and spectrum analysis data allows for quick assumption of the abnormality on the diagnostic program.

Sophisticated data analysis and user-friendly operability

· infiSYS RV-200
Provides analysis and plotting functions required by vibration analysts certified in accordance with ISO18436-2.
A system which analyzes vibration for phase angle and frequency component, and displays the information in the forms of various analysis graphs necessary for vibration diagnostics.
The software provides a variety of analytical graphs which are optimized for the type of machinery and condition, satisfying stringent demands of vibration analysts and other plant personnel. Intuitive software interaction with drag & drop graph display manipulation, graph area switching tab, etc.

Drag & drop graph display interface

Capture, analyze, diagnose

· For large rotating machinery
It acquires phase mark signals and shaft vibration waveform, processes phase analysis and displays the information in various graphs for further analysis.
· For small rotating machinery
It acquires acceleration vibration waveform of casing and the information is displayed with graphs based on the frequency analysis.

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